Meet: The Greater Good Team

Jennifer Norris Bermejo – Founder / Editor / Dreamer

Jennifer Norris Bermejo is a boomerang resident of Fort Wayne. She was born and raised in the Mid-west before moving to New York to establish her career in the apparel industry. Her passion for work and travel led her all over the world and ultimately back home!  Since moving back, she has immersed herself in all that is Great about Fort Wayne. She loves spending time with her two boys, exploring the city she grew up in and watching it bloom.

Annie Syrowski – Co-founder / Marketing Director / Seeker

Annie Syrowski is a marketing professional and copywriter living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Annie is a natural-born observer. She loves to study and learn about what makes people tick and write content that informs and moves. Over the last three years, she’s planned more than 20 adult faith-building events for her former parish in Chicago and loves getting involved in her community. Most Friday nights​ you can find Annie and her fiancé, Jon, having a beer at Ted’s.

Sarah Dustman : Co-founder / Content Coordinator / Maker

Sarah Dustman is the Content Coordinator for The Greater Good. She graduated from IPFW in May 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in English. You can read some of her other work on sites like Macaroni Kid Fort Wayne and Visit Fort Wayne’s Insider Blog. When Sarah isn’t writing for The Greater Good, she’s probably reading or writing or thinking about reading and writing.

Are you interested in volunteering your time, talents or passion to join the team? We’re always looking for motivated individuals who are passionate about giving back to our community.

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