Welcome, The Greater Good

Let’s face it – Fort Wayne is getting its swagger back.

From our downtown’s new offerings and polished classics, to a buzzing number of festivals, a thriving arts community and (not to mention) a consistent consensus that we are one of the top family-friendly cities in the nation! We have many reasons to be proud of where we’ve come from, where we are and where we are going. Through the efforts of a determined community (it takes a village !), we’re back on the map and better than ever.

With all the exciting momentum that surrounds us, there seems to be one lesser known factor. This factor strives quietly day and night to carry on all that might fall short of the status quo. This factor is driven by passion – palpable amounts of passion. Whether it is in the form of helping individuals and families struggling financially by providing shelter, clothing, and food. Or in the form of providing networking and leadership opportunities as well as job assistance. Or even working tirelessly to educate and form our community—especially our youth—through the arts, sciences, nature, and more. This factor is driven by a deep passion for it’s cause every.single.day to leave our world better than it was yesterday. To touch one life and ultimately, to touch many. This factor is our city’s heart and it is deeply ingrained and shining within our non-profits.
Yet, within the our community it is still far too easy to let the desire to do good and be greater, stop at a common montra,“I don’t know where to start.”

Welcome, The Greater Good.

Our mission is simple: to be the non-profit resource which both educates and engages our thriving community to actively take part in something greater than themselves.

As a community resource, we plan to highlight various non-profit organizations, giving them the opportunity to explain more about their cause and passion. We will speak with board members and volunteers to learn more about their “why” and share their stories to the community. And finally, we will actively promote volunteer opportunities, local non-profit events, fundraisers, etc. on our on-line calendar and social media pages.


So, if you’re a part of a non-profit that wants to be involved with The Greater Good, you can contact us at advocate@greatergoodfw.com or come connect with us on Facebook  and LinkedIn.